We invite you to get connected. Indulge all information we provide and put it to good use. Participate in events, contribute news, case studies, whitepapers, ideas, documentation. ANYTHING that may help your colleagues who are are looking for a MRM solutions, hands on experience, support, help etc.

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To all you MRM Heroes out there: remember the responsibility you have in helping others to understand the importance of Marketing Resource Management. Share and get in touch!

About MRM Heroes

MRM Heroes is a initiative of organizations and consultants involved in the field Marketing Resource Management. This includes: Marketing Automation, Marketing Operations and Digital Asset Management.

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Please contact us if:

You have a specific question; You need support or help; You want to talk to an MRM expert; You have a case study to share; You want to participate in any way; You want to us to keep you informed; You just want to get in touch

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