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MRM: A relatively easy strategic decision

MRM drives efficiency and effectiveness in marketing and communications. It is by far the simplest strategic decision you as a marketing director or CEO can make. And yet, here we are: struggling to embrace the overwhelming benefits of MRM.

How is it, that a large number of marketers disregard the most obvious business cases in marketing?


It's early stages, so start now

We are still in the early stages regarding Marketing Automation. Some companies have come a long way these past few years. They’ve experimented, learned from experience and have embedded MRM in their organization. Mostly because of a Hero that saw the potential and made the strategic decision to start automating marketing.

These companies are the accelerators in the MRM industry. They are the living, breathing example of the benefits and they drive innovation, wanting more and more.


Vendors are doing everything they can to advocate the benefits of MRM, but most of them suffer from a performance gap: selling the dream but deliver a nightmare. They do however, struggle to get the message across and go for the quick win: sell a point solution.


International Marketing Analysts seem to be well informed and publish excellent material about the future of MRM. They mark the path, show the way. However, they run a risk not just losing sight but all contact with the reality of business today.


Focus: how many point solutions do you have?




Get organized

The play about MRM starts with a strategic decision. But there can be no top down solution if there is no upstream consensus. The play is complex and the cast is diverse and constantly changing. It often has no leading role. Players play their part to the best of their abilities. Each getting paid to do the job they are hired for. A point solution at best may even result in a round of applause when the curtain drops.

It’s fair to conclude that MRM is hardly ever a strategic board room decision. It resides on a tactical level, but mostly on an operational level.